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It's not always the highest price offer that gets accepted. Inside this bootcamp you will the learn the home buying process from start to finish and some strategies you can use to get your offer accepted when you find "The ONE".

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Frequently Asked Questions

After you sign up you will get instant access to a video-based online training platform that walks you through the entire home buying process in an easy to understand format. 

Buying a home can be overwhelming and complicated but it doesn't have to be. 

We believe that once you are explained the process and know what to expect you will be able to put yourself in a position to successfully buy a home. 

The course is broken up into 3 modules centered around the offer process.

Module #1 is Getting Ready to make an Offer

Module #2 is How To Make and Offer that will Get Accepted

Module #3 is What Happens after your Offer is Accepted

We believe that it is the real estate industry's responsibility to properly educate the new buyers in our communities how to buy a home before they start looking. 

This course was created by RWM Home Loans (NMLS 79445) as part of our overall buyer educational resources. 

As a leader in home buying education and Community Mortgage Banker we hope that as you look to take the next step in your home buying journey that you will have seen the value we have provided and consider working with our company for your Pre-Approval and home financing needs.

This is our education platform made specifically with the help of lending and real estate professionals from multiple companies to help you understand the home buying process. 


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